Monday, October 19, 2009

temp. jocky service

its funny story i think i should put it down
as usual, working days during lunch time i head towards my car at the carparking space to pick up my car to go for meeting,
then this malay/indon guy rush to me as usual to collect parking ticket,
but this time around he come with troubled face.
then i asked : what happen?
he said : nak mintak tolong jap boss..
i replied: mintak tolong ?
he said : boleh tolong parking kereta? ade sebuah kereta letak kat tengah jalan dan dah cabut pergi meeting...
i was like .. wat??
then i offer to help him, he brought to another corner.. and i was wonder wat kinda car that could be left like that and pass car key to total stranger...
i was surprise that this car is the one i have to drive...
honda accord 2.4
then i just get in the car try the handle, start the engine and starting to packing the car,
, its rather easy to handle. will get one in future.. :P
reverse parking, done.
then suddenly my colleagues appears..
they start giving this surprise impression.. wa wa wa...
bruce change car dy!!! wa wa wa...
how much u buy etc...
i tak sempat wanna explain then i throw the key back to the guard , keep saying not mine la not mine le!! lolx... its so hilarious...
they said i should have drive it take few ride b4 return it...
never thought of that..
i'm a good boy ...
thank you thank you..

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~大头~ said...

you r very kind~
than the indon very kind and stupid~
the owner was very very stupid~